Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Week in College Football: Week Nine

So week eight picks never happened. May bad. On that note, I'm going to start mixing it up and just start picking the Top 25 plus Big 12 rather than picking the games on the TV schedule.

Georgia (+14.5) vs. #1 Florida
#3 Texas (-8.5) at #13 Oklahoma State
#4 Southern Cal at #12 Oregon (+3)
San Jose State (+35) at #5 Boise State
UNLV (+35) at #6 TCU
#7 Cincinnati at Syracuse (+15)
Indiana at #8 Iowa (-17)
Tulane (+35.5) at #9 LSU
#10 Penn State (-14.5) at Northwestern
#11 Georgia Tech at Vanderbilt (+11.5)
New Mexico State (+44) at #15 Ohio State
North Carolina at #14 Virginia Tech (-15.5)
Southern Miss at #16 Houston (-6.5)
#18 Miami (-7) at Wake Forest
Wyoming (+17) at #19 Utah
#20 West Virginia at South Florida (+3)
#21 South Carolina at Tennessee (-6)
#22 Ole Miss at Auburn (+4) 
Kansas State at #23 Oklahoma (-28)
Washington State (+28) vs. #25 Notre Dame

Nebraska (-13) at Baylor
Missouri (-3.5) at Colorado
Iowa State at Texas A&M (-7)
Kansas at Texas Tech (-6)

Last Week: n/a
Season: 56-50-1

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Week in College Football: Week Seven

Another nice little week last week. That was the first weekend in four weeks (and the last for three weeks) that I actually got to just hang out and watch football all day, so that was nice. Anyway, on to this week.

Thursday, October 15
Cincinnati (-2) at South Florida; 6:30pm ESPNHD

Friday, October 16
Pitt (-4) at Rutgers; 7pm ESPNHD

Saturday, October 17
Oklahoma (+2.5) at Texas; 11am ABCHD
Iowa at Wisconsin (-2.5); 11am ESPNHD
Northwestern at Michigan State (-14); 11am ESPN2HD
Arkansas (+25) at Florida; 2:30pm CBSHD
USC at Notre Dame (+10); 2:30pm NBCHD
Texas Tech at Nebraska (-10.5); 2:30pm ABCHD
Minnesota (+16.5) at Penn State; 2:30pm ESPNHD
Virginia Tech (-3) at Georgia Tech; 5pm ESPN2HD
Kansas at Colorado (+9.5); 6pm FSNHD
Stanford at Arizona (-4.5); 6:30pm VersusHD
Alabama (-17) at South Carolina; 6:45pm ESPNHD
Missouri (+7) at Oklahoma State; 8:15pm ESPN2HD
Washington (+6.5) at Arizona State; 9:15pm FSNHD

Last Week: 9-6
Overall: 56-50-1

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Week in College Football: Week Six

I freaking owned last week, going 10-4 against the spread. Maybe the lack of nerves for not having Mizzou games enabled me to focus. So I expect to go 0-15 this week after being able to think about nothing except for how much I hate Nebraska all week.

Thursday, October 8
Nebraska at Mizzou (+3.5); 8pm ESPNHD

Friday, October 9
Lousiana Tech at Nevada (-10.5); 8pm ESPNHD

Saturday, October 10
Auburn at Arkansas (+2.5); 11am ESPNHD
Purdue at Minnesota (-3.5); 11am ESPN2HD
Oklahoma State (-5.5) at Texas A&M; 11:30am FSNHD
Iowa State at Kansas (-20); 11:30am VersusHD
Alabama (-4.5) at Ole Miss; 2:30pm CBSHD
Wisconsin (+16.5) at Ohio State; 2:30pm ESPNHD
Baylor at Oklahoma (-26); 2:30pm ABCHD
Kansas State (+16.5) at Texas Tech; 6pm FSNHD
Colorado (+32) at Texas; 6:15pm ESPNHD
Florida (-7.5) at LSU; 7pm CBSHD
Michigan (+8) at Iowa; 7pm ABCHD
Georgia Tech at Florida State (-3); 7pm ESPN2HD
Arizona at Washington (+3); 9:15pm FSN

Last week: 10-4
Overall: 47-44-1

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chris's Air/Road Trip: Seattle

So I got to Seattle on Monday night and picked Clyde up at the airport. Our hotel had a freaking awesome view of the Spaceneedle, so that was nice.

On Tuesday, Clyde woke up early and went to do some work for a client so I slept in and then grabbed breakfast at the hotel. When he got back to the hotel around lunchtime, we went to some old drive-in that's apparently a Seattle landmark of sorts and had some quality burgers. We then drove around the University of Washington campus as well as some of the neighborhoods on the north side of town.

Then we went to the Experience Music Project, which was very cool. It was initially supposed to be a Hendrix museum but then involved into a Pacific Northwest music museum and then into an 'experience'. In addition to all of the cool exhibits about Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Heart, etc., there is a room with a bunch of instruments and little software tutorials on playing them. I learned to play a reggae bass line so that was fun. The EMP is attached to the SciFi Museum, which is pretty much just Paul Allen's personal nerd collection. I think Clyde probably enjoyed this part more than me but it was pretty cool. From there we hit up Pike Street and had some crab cakes.

That night, we met up with one of Clyde's business associates and his son and went to the Mariners game. Safeco is a very cool ballpark. It reminded me a lot of Minute Maid (my guess is they were designed by the same firm) if Minute Maid were just less douchey (i.e. normal field dimensions, no flag pole in fair play, a little less constant light and noise). Safeco had fantastic food. I had an Ichiroll, which was quality. I also had some clam strips, an old favorite that's tough to find in Texas. In addition to the food, I got to see King Felix pitch and quite possibly saw one of the last home runs of Ken Griffey Jr.'s HOF career. The Mariners won and it was a great time.

So I looked it up and Safeco was not designed by the same architecture firm as Minute Maid but Safeco was designed by the same firm as Mizzou Arena, so there's that.

The next day, we woke up and went down to the pier to grab some lunch and check out the aquarium. I had crab legs and they were fantastic. The aquarium wasn't noteworthy but whatever. From there, we drove out to Snoqualmie to check out the waterfall and hit up the Indian casino. The trail to the bottom of the falls was closed so we weren't able to get the Twin Peaks shot from down below but it was still pretty cool. The casino was a good time as always.

From the falls, we headed back to town to grab some more seafood for dinner. This time I had a salmon burger (as well as my first pumpkin ale of the fall). The salmon burger was excellent but really rich so I could only eat like half of it. After dinner, we just headed back to the hotel to watch Modern Family and crash so that I could catch my flight to San Fran the next morning.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Week in College Football: Week Five

Last week wasn't quite the unmitigated disaster I thought it was, going 9-9. Let's keep it up.

Thursday, October 1
Colorado (+17) at West Virginia; 6:30pm ESPNHD

Friday, October 2
Pittsburgh at Louisville (+6.5); 7pm ESPNHD

Saturday, October 3
Wisconsin at Minnesota (-2.5); 11am ESPNHD
Arkansas State at Iowa (-21); 11am ESPN2HD
LSU (+3.5) at Georgia; 2:30pm CBSHD
Washington (+12.5) at Notre Dame; 2:30pm NBCHD
Penn State (-7.5) at Illinois; 2:30pm ABCHD
Florida State at Boston College (+3.5); 2:30pm ESPNHD
New Mexico (+35.5) at Texas Tech; 2:30pm FSNHD
Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (-1.5); 6:30pm ESPN2HD
Auburn at Tennessee (-2.5); 6:45pm ESPNHD
Oklahoma at Miami (+7.5); 7pm ABCHD
Kansas State (+3) vs. Iowa State
Kent State (+22.5) at Baylor

Last week: 9-9
Season: 37-40-1

Chris's Air/Road Trip: Oregon

So after the Mizzou-Nevada game, I began the 475-mile trek from Reno to Eugene, OR. I had to be in Eugene by ~11am Saturday, so I drove almost all night, stopping for about a 2-hour nap. A good share of the drive was through the Lassen National Forest, which was probably quite lovely, but it was pitch black so hell if I know.

So I got to Eugene right about on time. I found a ticket and then went to the football practice facility. They have a bunch of chairs and televisions where people can watch other games before/after the Oregon game. Autzen Stadium is known as one of the loudest stadiums in college football and it did not disappoint. It's not huge, maybe 65k, but those 65k yelled their asses off, especially on third downs. That they were absolutely kicking Cal's ass probably motivated them a little bit as well. Great atmosphere and I highly recommend checking it out.

After the game, I met up with my old FIG PA Scott, who is at UO for grad school. It was good catching up with Scotty, who I don't think I've seen in five years, maybe more. We just went to some pub and grabbed a late lunch/early dinner.

From there, I made my way to Portland. Portland was awesome. It's a beautiful city with beautiful weather and is a marvel of urban planning. I was pretty wiped out after not sleeping much Friday night and then spending Saturday in the sun, so I just went to the hotel and crashed Saturday night.

On Sunday, I found a sports bar to watch the Texans play like shit against the Jags. Weird thing I'd never really thought about before but west coast sports bars serve breakfast since the games start at 10am on Sunday, so that was a little strange. After the game, I just kinda putzed around town. I walked around just checking out the Pearl area. I went to a bookstore called Powell's. It's the largest independent bookstore in the country I've been told. It occupies an entire city block and is four stories tall. It's a bit overwhelming but it was cool. I think went to a brewery/cafe for Duschetes brewery to watch football and grab a beer or four. At the brewery, I met two fun and beautiful girls from Houston who were also in town for the weekend. We hung out at the brewery for a little while and then they invited to go find another bar to hit up. Portland isn't a huge Sunday night drinking city apparently  so a lot of places are pretty dead but we found an Irish pub that had a bunch of Irish musicians jamming out. Good times.

On Monday, I left Portland to drive up to Seattle. I took the coastal highway because I was in no rush whatsoever. A lot of the coastal highway is inland a little ways so it isn't quite the PCH in SoCal but it was still pretty. I stopped in Astoria for lunch, and to relive The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. I found the school used in Kindergarten Cop and after ensuring the Astoria PD officer that I simply wanted to take a picture of the school and not of small children, snapped a photo. I then grabbed lunch at a nice place on the water, beginning my week of eating almost nothing but seafood. From Astoria, I continued my uneventful drive up to Seattle to meet up with Clyde.